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Our Horse Tamer Pro and Horse Tamer Pro Safety lines of products are designed to ease training, provide maximum flexibility to the owner, and maximum comfort to the horse. In addition to our standard 6,000 LB tensile strength nylon webbing and all stainless hardware the Horse Tamer Pro and Horse Tamer Pro Safety Hobbles offer:

• A neoprene lining for maximum comfort

• Easy, machine washable materials

• The flexibility to adjust from 4” to 12” length fitting horses of all sizes

• A low eight ounce pack weight

• Quick conversion into two picket hobbles

• Kicking and pawing prevention, especially on picket lines

• An excellent training device

• Available in black and royal blue

Our Horse Tamer Pro Safety line features all of the features of the Horse Tamer Pro line with the addition of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for excellent night visibility.

• A highly visible reflective band for excellent night-time visibility

• Blaze orange for optimum fall riding

• Easy conversion into two safety cuffs for night-time riding

• Also available in Black

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Reflective Material

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There is a growing need for today's horseman to collar their horse. Many have been using cow collars which are much too large and much too wide. I've created a collar specifically for horses which in addition to our standard 6,000 pound tensile strength nylon webbing and all stainless hardware, features:

• A neoprene lining for maximum comfort

• Easy, machine washable materials

• A low five ounce pack weight

• Comes in 8 great colors: Hot Pink, Red, Wine, Purple, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Black and Blaze Orange

• Great for grooming, bridling, and prevents slipped halters.

• Excellent for turnout

Our Horse Tamer Pro Safety line features all of the features of the Horse Tamer Pro line with the addition of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for excellent night visibility.

• A highly visible reflective band for excellent night-time visibility

• Blaze orange color for optimum fall riding

• Also available in Hot Pink, Purple, Wine, Red, Royal Blue, Black & Hunter Green

*Always use with a swivel snap lead.*


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First of all, we came up with the idea for a strong collar for  horses for our own personal use.  We wanted a collar especially made to be strong yet comfortable.

When we trail ride, we put up a picket highline to secure our horses. When using our horse collar opposed to a halter you essentially use about 18” less lead rope. That means less potential for a rope burn. When attaching the horse collar with at least 2 fingers of space underneath the neck, this allows for the horse’s collar to rotate upward when the horse decides to lie down at night or reach for grass. The hook point is now behind the horse’s ears not under his throat as it is with a halter. This now reduces the risk of getting tangled in his lead and causing serious leg burns. We also have noticed that our horses do not develop the “hot spots” on their jaw bones and over their nose from having a halter on continually.

Three years ago, we only had a royal blue collar of which my wife packed a few in our trailer for the cross the state trail ride, which is 252 miles from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron. To our surprise, Connie sold 20 collars at the half way point. I had to make the trip up to restock her hay, so I brought up 20 more collars. By the time the ride was finished she had sold them as well! Approximately 1/2 of the collar sales went to folks who had horses that would slip out of their halters. Our Horse Tamer Pro collars will put an end to this. Others had gotten tangled up in their leads and ended up with injured horses or broken halters, etc.

A lot of folks like the Horse Tamer Pro Horse collars simply because they can bring their horse from the picket line to the trailer, groom, tack up and ride off leaving the collar on and just packing the lead rope in their saddle bag. Very convenient! No loose horses while trying to bridle! With the 3M Scotchlite reflective band, which is sewn on for extra strength and longevity, helps when we are coming into camp late at night for safety.

Some people think I’m making a ”mistake” by not having a weak point in the collar so that it can break. If we did that, all we’re doing is encouraging our troubled horses to break whatever they are secured with. On our tags, we state, “Always use a swivel snap on the lead”. The snap is the weakest link in the equation. If a horse will decide to blowup, the swivel will break. If this happens, you still have a way to catch your horse as the collar will still be on.

Horses that are collared as opposed to haltered horses are happier horses. When you first put on our horse collar you will notice that your horse will probably test the collar because it has a different pull point. Most horses adapt very quickly and become very comfortable with it. We also like to use the collar in a cross-tie situation. It makes washing, trimming and grooming very easy. Again, always use caution. Don’t put your horse in a cross-tie and then go watch a football game! Common sense should tell you this. We like our collars in this application because, like other collars with double ring hook points, you will get a banjo effect which could limit the air flow, not with ours.

Since our royal blue collar of 3 years ago, we now offer 8 great colors for our Horse Tamer Pro line. We also offer the same 8 colors in our 3M Horse Tamer Pro Safety collars. These have the 3/4 inch wide Scotchlite reflective band sewn into those same collars. It is excellent for night checks while camping. The 3M material is the same used by firemen and policemen. It reflects moonlight and starlight on a clear night and also gleams from a flashlight through your camper window on a rain soaked night!

We hope that a few of these comments have helped people understand the need and benefits of collaring their horses.

Janet Emmendorfer, Chesaning, MI says, “I think the reflective collars and hobbles are great! My horses are black, not easily seen at night, so I carry the reflective collars and hobbles with me when riding to use if I don't make it home before dark or during hunting season to be safe. When they have them on you can

see us coming from quite a distance. I also use them on my horses on the picket line when camping. I like to look out of my trailer window through the night to check on my horse. With only moonlight they reflect so I can see he is alright. The best part is even if they get covered with mud and dirt all I have to do is rinse them off and they look brand new!”

John Gouden, Owens Sound, Ontario, comments on the collar... “I like the way it's built with stainless components and neoprene lined for horse comfort.” I also like the fact that I can use less lead rope on the picket line.”

















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